Kitchen Designs

Green Kitchen Designs

A well-designed and attractive kitchen breathes life into your home, but how about breathing life into the environment? With the increased threats of 'global warming' and the changing world climates, we can do our bit for the world we live in! Something as simple as designing or redesigning our homes or a part of our homes as 'green' can help the ecology a long way. Begin with green kitchen designs to help your home inside out. Ensuring green kitchen designs will not only make your kitchen more useful and energy efficient but it will also make you feel better to know you are doing your part to help the environment.

Lighting, cooking and refrigeration amount to 41.5 of the total energy consumption of your home! All the regular kitchen activities like water heating, space cooling only add to that energy consumption making the kitchen a critical energy consuming hub. While modeling your home and kitchen designs, the kitchen presents a big opportunity to improve your home's energy performance by including energy efficiency, health considerations and ecological benefits. All these green kitchen designs provide you long term cost savings, comfort, peace of mind and safety besides taking good care of your environment. If you are planning on considering new kitchen designs, do so with the environment and mind. It will also save you valuable money in energy savings.

Some ideas that can help you with your very own green kitchen designs:

Kitchen recycling center - the best in kitchen designs to fit any style of kitchen are these recycling centers. Take out the mess out of managing your recyclables with these pre-assembled or in cabinet retrofit kits! These can befit into any kitchen designs and styles and are available in a full range of cabinet materials. These kitchen designs are not only practical but beneficial.

Flooring - flooring for kitchen designs can be chosen from the abundantly available eco-friendly materials. Bamboo, cork and eucalyptus mature in half the time as compared to other hardwoods and can equally fit in with your kitchen designs. These rapidly renewing forests are environmentally responsible choices besides offering you beautiful, affordable and durable flooring.

Countertops and backsplashes - durable and water -resistant materials for your countertops and backsplashes are a good deal. Stained concrete uses non-toxic, natural pigments as opposed to surface-applied stains. You could also add other recycled materials to the mixture. Indigenous stones come from remnants and salvage and are readily available. This will bring endless hours of useful enjoyment to your kitchen designs.

Insulation of kitchen walls - kitchen designs sometimes fail owing to condensation, moisture problems and air leakage making all the remodeling work seems like a waste! The energy efficiency and comfort of a kitchen can be well protected with insulation on the exterior walls. To add to existing kitchen designs, blow fibrous insulation materials into the enclosed wall, roof and floor cavities. These insulation materials can be fiberglass or natural made materials such as cellulose and mineral wool; the 'dense packing' of these insulators avoid air circulation keeping your kitchen designs intact from moisture troubles among others.

Lighting - the natural light must be maximized not only into your kitchen but the entire home. Use outdoor light fixtures with built-in photo sensors with a programmer that allows task lighting, safety lighting and mood lighting for the entire household. The first year's savings alone can usually offset the cost of these control lighting systems! Not only are you being benefited by natural light and saving energy, the fixtures come in varied styles to blend with your kitchen designs. Useful as well as eco friendly fixtures are sure to benefit any kitchen designs.

Paints and finishes - most of the paints and finishes emit harmful gases when applied to your kitchen walls and cabinets. The high levels of VOC emitted diminish air quality and is detrimental to health. Low or no- VOC paints are easily available at hardware stores and are almost odor free! Also, these paints are the best choice if anybody in your family is chemical sensitive and suffers from allergies. Latex paints use water as the solvent and besides lower toxicity, allow for easier cleaning. In kitchen designs, ease of cleaning is essential as it tends to be one of the messier areas in the home.